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Waterlines for residential properties can either be seasonal, which lay on top of the shoreline bank and extend out onto the bed of the water body, or permanent waterlines, which are excavated into the shoreline and into the bed of the lake or river to provide water year round.

Potential implications for the installation of waterlines include:

  • Alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat;
  • Disturbance/destruction of cultural resources; The removal of a portion of the shoreline and the associated vegetation;
  • Loss of emergent aquatic vegetation during the installation.

Waterlines are routinely approved when the following policies are addressed in the application.


  1. The installation of waterlines shall not result in a loss of wetland habitat or rock rubble on the bed of the waterbody.
  2. Where rock rubble habitat exists, there may be allowances for this material to be carefully scraped to the side and then replaced back in the same location once the work is complete.
  3. If dredging is required to install the waterline, the work shall be assessed according to the shoreline policies for dredging.
  4. For waterlines excavated into the shoreline, the shoreline area shall be stabilized and restored back to its original state or better.
  5. Seasonal waterlines for personal use that lie on top of the bed of the waterbody, do not require excavation, and are removed in the fall, do not require a permit/letter.

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