Table of contents

Table of Contents

Cover Page

Executive Summary

1. Identification of the Property

  1. Country/State Party
  2. State, Province, or Region
  3. Name of property
  4. Geographical coordinates to the nearest second
  5. Maps and plans, showing the boundaries of the nominated property and buffer zone
  6. Area of the nominated property (ha) and proposed buffer zone (ha)

2. Description

  1. Description of property
  2. History and development

3. Justification for Inscription

  1. Criteria under which inscription is proposed
  2. Proposed statement of outstanding universal value
  3. Comparative analysis
  4. Authenticity

4. State of Conservation and Factors Affecting the Property

  1. Present state of conservation
  2. Factors affecting the property
    1. Development pressures
    2. Environmental pressures
    3. Natural disasters and risk preparedness
    4. Visitor/tourism pressures
    5. Number of inhabitants within the property and the buffer zone

5. Protection and Management of the Property

  1. Ownership
  2. Protective designation
  3. Means of implementing protective measures
  4. Existing plans related to municipality and region in which the proposed property is located
  5. Property Management Plan
  6. Sources and levels of finance
  7. Sources of expertise and training in conservation and management techniques
  8. Visitor facilities and statistics
  9. Policies and programmes related to the presentation and promotion of the property
  10. Staffing levels

6. Monitoring

  1. Key indicators for measuring the state of conservation
  2. Administrative arrangements for monitoring property
  3. Results of previous reporting exercises

7. Documentation

  1. Photographs, slides, image inventory and authorization table and other audiovisual materials
  2. Texts relating to protective designation, copies of property management plans or documented management systems and extracts of other plans relevant to the property
  3. Form and date of most recent records or inventory of property
  4. Addresses where inventory, records, and archives are held
  5. Bibliography
  6. List of Appended Documents and Information
  7. Glossary

8. Contact Information of Responsible Authorities

  1. Preparer
  2. Official local institution/agency
  3. Other local institutions
  4. Official web address

9. Signature on Behalf of the State Party


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