The Canadian Register of Historic Places’ Role in Canada

The Canadian Register of Historic Places (CRHP) is more than an online inventory. It provides concise records of historic places in the form of basic information such as construction dates, location, function, images, as well as a Statement of Significance (PDF) (SoS). A SoS is an explanation of what a site is and why it is appreciated.

To be included on the CRHP a historic place must first be formally designated by one or more levels of government in Canada then submitted by the appropriate authority to the Canadian Registrar with the proper documentation including a SoS.

Facade of the Hydro-Electric Generating Station at Les Cèdres
Old Hydroelectric Generating Station of Les Cèdres, Les Cèdres, Quebec. Learn more
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The purpose of the CRHP is to foster Canada’s culture of conservation by:

  • Providing the tools and information necessary for citizens to take appropriate action and conserve the historic places they value;
  • Creating an online public resource to share information about the significance and history associated with Canada’s historic places;
  • Offering practical guidance for sound decision-making when planning for, intervening on and using historic places; and
  • Supporting the continued use of historic places so that they remain an integral part of our dynamic towns, cities and rural areas.

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