Peter Pitseolak National Historic Person (1902-1973)

Peter Pitseolak was designated a national historic person in 1981.

Historical importance: Artist, photographer, hunter and historian

Commemorative plaque: Cape Dorset, Nunavut Footnote 1

Aware that Inuit culture was undergoing momentous change, Peter Pitseolak took care to record both the old customs and beliefs of his people and their adjustment to a new life. His carvings, prints and photography have been highly acclaimed both for their historical importance and their artistic quality. A man of great versatility, Pitseolak furnished a valuable account of the recent history of Sikusuilaq (southern Baffin Island) where he spent most of his life. It was here that this skilled artist, photographer, historian and hunter died in 1973.


black and white image of a man sitting in a chair
Self-portrait of Peter Pitseolak smoking, 1940-1960
© Canadian Museum of History / Control # 2000-1313 / CD Barcode # 0777-3291-2275-030
Black and white image of boat on shore
Boat built by Peter Pitseolak with campers, 1940-1960
© Canadian Museum of History / Control # 2000-147 / CD Barcode # 0554-3253-1626-028
Black and white image of a man sitting and reading
Self-portrait of Peter Pitseolak sitting and reading a book, 1940-1960
© Canadian Museum of History / Control # 2000-1280 / CD Barcode # 0777-3291-2274-002
Black and white image of a man and a woman standing beside each other
Aggeok with Peter Pitseolak wearing a 'v-victory' sweater, 1943-1944
© Canadian Museum of History / Control # 2000-966 / CD Barcode # 0777-3292-3250-021

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