E. Pauline Johnson National Historic Person (1861-1913)

E. Pauline Johnson was designated a national historic person in May 1945.

Historical importance: Mohawk poet, gave series of speaking tours (1892-1910).

Commemorative plaque: Highway 54, Chiefswood National Historic Site of Canada, Six Nations Grand River Reserve, Ontario

Born here at Chiefswood, the daughter of a Mohawk chief, E. Pauline Johnson gained international fame for her romantic writings on Indian themes, but she also wrote about nature, religion and Canadian nationalism. Beginning in the 1890s, she published numerous poems, essays and short stories and recited them in theatrical fashion on public stages throughout Canada and abroad. Reaching a wide audience, she succeeded in making the public more aware of the colourful history and cultural diversity of Canadian Indians. Her ashes were buried in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Johnson, E. Pauline National Historic Person
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Commemorative plaque for Johnson, E. Pauline National Historic Person
Commemorative plaque for Johnson, E. Pauline National Historic Person
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