Joseph Whiteside 'Klondike Joe' Boyle National Historic Person (1867-1923)

Black and white portrait of a man in military uniform
Joe Boyle, Canadian Military, date unknown
© Woodstock Library / Public domain

Joseph Whiteside 'Klondike Joe' Boyle was designated a national historic person in 1984.

Historical importance: Mining entrepreneur, founded Klondike Mining Company (1904).

Commemorative plaque: On the bucket of Dredge No. 4 Yukon TerritoryFootnote 1

Joseph Whiteside Boyle 1867-1923

Born in Toronto and raised in Woodstock, Ontario, Boyle had a varied career before arriving in Dawson in 1897. Becoming involved in many businesses, "Klondike Joe" soon recognized the potential of large-scale mining. He left the Klondike in 1904 but returned five years later at the head of one of its largest mining operations. "The King of the Klondike" lived here until 1916, when he left for England to help in the allied war effort. For his war-time services, especially his heroic achievements in Russia and Romania, Boyle was decorated by several European nations. He died in London, England.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada
Plaque inscription in English


Black and white photo of group of persons in front of a white building
Box 42-446, Joe Boyle Machine Gun Detachment, date unknown
© Wilfred Smith / Public domain
Black and white aerial photo of construction near Klondike river
Hydraulic lease N018 (Boyle Concession) Klondyke River, May 1904, Robertson and Darns Photo, 19 and 20 Bear Creek
© Dawson City Museum #984R.87.22 / Public domain

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