Frank Leith Skinner National Historic Person (1882 - 1967)

Frank Leith Skinner was designated a national historic person in March 1998.

Historical importance: Contributed to advancing horticulture in western Canada.

Commemorative plaque: Frank Skinner Arboretum, 1 km west of Highway 83, Dropmore, Manitoba

A self-taught pioneering horticulturist, Frank Skinner developed and marketed over 300 varieties of plants able to withstand the severe climate of the Canadian Prairies. Born in Scotland, he emigrated with his family to Dropmore, Manitoba, in 1895. He began his horticultural endeavours first as a hobby, and, after 1925, as part of a nursery business. Skinner received wide recognition for his pioneering work which involved extensive world travel and collecting, and resulted in many scientific publications. He received multiple honours, including the Manitoba Horticultural Society's Stevenson Memorial Medal.

Photo historique d'un homme dehors qui travaillent avec des plantes
M. Frank Skinner, horticulturist, 1959.
© Library and Archives Canada / National Film Board fonds / e011177224 / Copyright: expired
Photo historique d'un homme qui examine des fleurs
Dr. Frank Skinner examining lilies, 1959.
© Library and Archives Canada / National Film Board fonds / e011177226 / Copyright: expired

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