Visitor experience strategy under development

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

by Sadie Gross

2016 was a great year for enhanced visitor experiences at the top of Lake Superior, and in 2017 we are excited to initiate a Visitor Experience Strategy (VES). This strategy will assist in further defining product development and promotion actions to contribute to achieving Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) goals for the next three to five years!

The VES will guide us by identifying where our infrastructure and investment should be placed to ensure potential visitors have a positive experience. Some of the focus for the VES will be north shore communities, highway corridor (lookouts, signage and points of interest), and lake access.

As part of the process towards the establishment of Lake Superior NMCA, Parks Canada in collaboration with Indigenous Peoples, local communities, and stakeholders, will create a VES to ensure the marine conservation area meets its potential as a world class tourism destination. The VES will assist in providing a path to success by creating and enhancing experiences for visitors along the north shore of Lake Superior. These experiences will support Parks Canada’s mandate and attract visitors to discover, experience, and appreciate this healthy marine environment!


A consultant will facilitate a series of meetings and workshops with participation from Indigenous groups, regional partners, stakeholders, and Parks Canada staff. The results of these meetings and research will provide a clear vision of how we can successfully enhance regional tourism initiatives along Lake Superior NMCA.

For more information on the VES you can contact acting Visitor Experience Manager, Sylvio Pelletier.

A map of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area
Lake Superior NMCA boundaries and north shore communities

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