Red chairs: Take a seat, enjoy the view!

Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

By Cindy Ellen Crawford

Location, location, location! How often have we heard that expression in our lives? Geography plays an important role in where we live, work and play. Parks Canada’s “Red Chair Experience” is all about location, namely the view. We’re providing Red Chairs so you can sit and savour your surroundings of premier vistas.

Red Chairs at Pukaskwa National Park © Parks Canada

So, what is a Red Chair Experience? The Red Chair, itself, is a red, Adirondack-style chair (some are twinned with a table, others are solo) where you can relax after a leisurely stroll or recharge at the end of a strenuous hike. The location of the Red Chairs is strategic – Parks Canada staff have placed each Red Chair in a setting that is awe-inspiring and one where you will enjoy having those extra minutes (or longer!) to appreciate your surroundings. In return, we ask for one thing - #ShareTheChair or #TimeToConnect! Yes, upload and share photos of you, your family or friends gathered at one of these touchstones of topography!

The Red Chair Experience, overall, is about connecting Canadians with nature at our country’s most unique and treasured places. Launched in 2014 at select National Parks and National Historic Sites across the country, the Red Chair Experience has rolled out as a national program in 2015. In Northern Ontario, you can expect to find Red Chairs at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic SitePukaskwa National ParkFort St. Joseph National Historic Site, and Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area.

The Red Chair Experience is a great way to get a personal sampler of “the best” of our National Parks and National Historic Sites. Please remember to tweet your photos to #ShareTheChair or #TimeToConnect.


Take your picture in a Red Chair and share it with us! © Parks Canada

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