Stewardship and management

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Featuring both ancient geological wonders and a vital cultural legacy, Fathom Five National Marine Park reaches out from Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula to protect a lush archipelago and a surrounding freshwater ecosystem.

Iconic flowerpot formations flank 420 million year-old dolomite cliffs on Flowerpot Island, home to stunted white cedars, mixed-woodland and rare ferns and orchids. Three historic light stations hearken to Lake Huron’s mid-19th century shipping heritage. Below the surface, 22 shipwrecks haunt the lake-water and fascinating geological formations scar the rocky bottom.

Flowerpot Island, the most accessible island within the park, welcomes guests with coastal and woodland hikes, two famous flowerpots and backcountry campsites. Or, delve the depths on a snorkel or scuba excursion to explore the wrecks and submerged natural wonders that define Parks Canada’s first marine protected area. 

Fathom Five awaits—home to underwater mystery, island exploration, rich culture and incredible opportunities for discovery.

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