Quarterly Financial Report

Supplementary Data on Budget 2012 Implementation

(Amounts in Dollars)

Program Activity 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
PA1: Heritage Places Establishment 272,401 557,682 834,627
PA2: Heritage Resources Conservation 1,530,741 3,126,641 5,476,293
PA3: Public Appreciation and Understanding 581,617 1,900,655 2,529,035
PA4: Visitor Experience* 2,275,997 11,286,403 16,649,867
PA5: Townsite and Throughway Infrastructure 0 0 0
PA6: Internal Services 1,346,525 2,779,819 3,663,618
Total 6,007,281 19,651,200 29,153,440

* Parks Canada will align its season, hours of operation, and services to better reflect patterns of visitation. Access to national parks and national historic sites during peak season will not be affected. When visitation is at its highest, facilities at national parks and national historic sites will be fully operational. This initiative is consistent with similar adjustments other public and private sector tourism destinations make on a regular basis to match service levels and hours of operation with visitor demand. Parks Canada will maintain guided activities at the busiest national historic sites while moving to self-guided visitor activities at other national historic sites. Furthermore, Parks Canada identified internal efficiencies and other changes to its internal operations that limit direct impacts on service to Canadians. These decisions respect Parks Canada’s core mandate to protect and present Canada’s treasured protected places within this current fiscal environment, while finding savings by leveraging innovative approaches to ensure value for money.

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