Designated Public Officer Holders

Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH)

The following persons have been identified, pursuant to section 2.1 and 12.c.1 of the Lobbying Act, as Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH). As such they are prohibited from lobbying the federal government for five years after leaving their positions. Designated Public Office Holders must also respond to inquiries by the Commissioner of Lobbying.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ron Hallman
Senior Vice-President, Operations
Andrew Campbell
Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage
Christine Loth-Bown
Vice-President, External Relations and Visitor Experience
Michael Nadler
Vice-President, Protected Area Establishment and Conservation
Darlene Upton
Vice President, Finance
Catherine Blanchard
A/Vice-President, Strategic Policy and Planning
Jewel Cunningham
Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Wellness
Line Lamothe

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