Service standards: large vehicles in Banff and Jasper National Parks

Large Vehicles on Highway 93 North, the Icefields Parkway, Banff and Jasper National Parks

Overweight vehicle restriction

  • The Icefields Parkway (highway 93 North) connecting Jasper and Banff National Parks is a special use corridor. It is maintained and promoted as a scenic heritage drive and offers travellers some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery in the world. As such, it is not built nor does the use accommodate commercial throughway trucking.
  • Vehicles exceeding 4550 kg gross vehicle weight are not permitted to travel on Highway 93 North between Jasper and Lake Louise. Buses and recreational vehicles are permitted regardless of weight.
  • Operating a vehicle that exceeds the maximum gross vehicle weight is an offense under the National Parks General Regulations of the Canada National Parks Act and results in an automatic court appearance. Fines are levied through the court process.
  • For business operators conducting business or servicing businesses along the Parkway with a vehicle exceeding the gross vehicle weight maximum, you may be eligible for an Overweight Vehicle Permit. Carriers doing multiple trips may request a permit valid until March 31 each year.
  • Access to Highway 93 between Jasper and Lake Louise will be from the entry point closest to the final destination (i.e., if the load is going to Marmot Basin, the truck must enter from the Jasper end of the Parkway).

Applying for an overweight vehicle permit

  • Step 1 – If you are a business operator conducting work in Banff or Jasper National Parks, you require a National Parks Business Licence. To obtain a licence in Banff, contact or call 403-522-1186 and in Jasper, contact 780-852-6114. Once you have acquired a business license you can then proceed to apply for an Overweight Vehicle Permit. There is currently no fee for the overweight permits.
  • Step 2 – Contact Park Canada Dispatch at 780-852-6155 or by email at to obtain an application form for an Overweight Vehicle Permit. Permit applications may also be taken over the phone.
  • Step 3 – Complete the application form at least 48 hours before travelling and send the form back to Jasper Dispatch via fax, e-mail or in-person. Be sure to include the following information:
    • Your name, the name of your company
    • Contact information
    • Vehicle description and licence plate
    • Route of travel, purpose of trip and start-end dates

Incomplete applications will be returned without processing

  • Step 4 – Parks Canada will respond with either an approved permit or rational for denial through your preferred method of correspondence, in-person, by fax or e-mail within 48 hours of application.

Note for previous permit holders: if your firm has had previous permit applications, please advise at the time of application as it will save time to process and provide you with a faster response.

When travelling

  • An Overweight Vehicle Permit must be carried in the vehicle and produced to a Parks Canada staff member upon request.
  • Highway 93 North is a scenic parkway – special care and attention is required when passing wildlife and park visitors.
  • Respect posted speed limits – note that posted speed limits are designed for ideal road conditions; slow down when driving on snow, ice, slush or rain. Note that each spring and summer, the posted speed limit is reduced to 70 km/h on a section of the parkway travelling through caribou habitat. This protects caribou that may be near the roadway and is strictly enforced.
  • When planning a trip (winter or summer) drivers should plan their route using websites that show current road conditions or phone the road authority on their route to find out road conditions and any excepted delays. Province of Alberta, including Hwy 16 and 93: Province of British Columbia:

Special considerations for winter travel

There is limited road maintenance in winter and potential for avalanche closures.

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