Day to Day Living . . . With Wildlife In Mind

Whether you're in towns, campgrounds, or picnic areas, animals can travel through at any time.

Deposit all garbage in wildlife-proof trash containers.
  • Store all food, food-related items and pet food inside a closed, hard-sided vehicle or special bear-resistant container. Ice chests, coolers, boxes, cans, tents and softsided campers are not bear-resistant!
  • Wild animals are attracted to a range of smells that includes cosmetics and toiletries, wash basins, cooking stoves, and empty pet food bowls.
  • Dispose of wastewater in the proper facilities.
  • Keep your pets on a leash at all times. They look like prey and can lead predators to you.
  • Removing branches from trees or the ground destroys habitat and cover for birds and small animals.

Moochers & Munchers

Moochers and Munchers

Placidly munching grasses or mooching for snacks, deer and bighorn sheep appear tame. In fact, they startle easily and may suddenly strike out with their hooves, antlers or horns. As they get used to people, they become aggressive. They may persistently beg for or boldly take food and food-related items.

  • If they approach, move away to maintain a safe distance.
  • You contribute to the problem by enticing them, by allowing them to take food, or by posing with them. This will increase risk to others – particularly children.
  • Dogs, both large and small, have been trampled and killed by deer protecting their fawns during the spring. When walking dogs, keep them closely leashed and steer well clear of all deer. They may attack, even when unprovoked.

Photo: Chuck Bartlebaugh, CWI

Kids and Wildlife

Your children are the same size as some predator's prey. For their safety:

  • Keep children in immediate sight and within close reach at all times.
  • Children should avoid playing in or near areas with dense cover.
  • Never encourage children to pet, feed or pose with wildlife.
Photo: Chuck Bartlebaugh, CWI
When fed or teased, small animals can become very aggressive and may bite.

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