Promising Pathways

The path to reconciliation begins with strong engagement and relationship building between Indigenous peoples, the Government of Canada and all Canadians.

In 2015, Parks Canada adopted the following “PARKS” guiding principles, as outlined in Promising Pathways, to provide a consistent approach for Indigenous engagement and relationship building across the heritage places administered by Parks Canada:

A visitor and Parks Canada interpreter with a local guide at camp site in Tuktut Nogait National Park.
  • Partnership: Working collaboratively in heritage place planning, management, and operations
  • Accessible: Encouraging access to traditional lands and traditional activities
  • Respectful: Building mutual respect, trust and understanding
  • Knowledge-based: Honouring and incorporating traditional knowledge
  • Supportive: Supporting Indigenous partners’ community interests

This approach is founded in the belief that Indigenous people must have access to places where they can continue to practice traditional activities and transmit their knowledge to the younger generation. The Agency is confident that stronger relationships will lead to better heritage place management and to healthier Indigenous communities.

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More information, including examples from Parks Canada projects, can be found in Promising Pathways, a resource guide for Parks Canada team members and those building and managing relationships with Indigenous peoples.

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