COVID-19 and your visit to a Parks Canada location

Parks Canada staff are working hard to ensure your visit will be safe and enjoyable.

Most places are open and welcoming visitors. Services across the country may vary. Check with the places you plan to visit to find out what you can expect, and what services are available.

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General information and guidelines

Parks Canada is following the guidance of provincial, territorial, and municipal health authorities. You are expected to follow guidance for health and safety measures such as wearing masks, physical distancing, capacity limits, and allowable gathering numbers.

When planning your visit to a Parks Canada administered place, here’s what you’ll need to know about:

Health and safety

Masks and cleaning supplies

  • Where masks are required to be worn indoors or at certain types of outdoor gatherings, you are expected to wear a mask. If you refuse to wear a mask when it is required, Parks
  • may refuse entry.
  • Where masks are not required to be worn indoors or at certain types of outdoor gatherings, you will not be required to wear a mask or face covering. You are still
  • encouraged to wear one as a precautionary measure.
  • Plan ahead and bring the supplies you will need, such as hand sanitizer and masks or face coverings.
  • Leave no trace: dispose of all masks and cleaning supplies in garbage containers, or take your waste home. Do not dispose of wipes, masks, or gloves in toilets and pit privies.
  • In all indoor locations, Parks Canada employees will be wearing masks or face coverings.

Vaccines and proof of vaccination

In provinces and territories that do not require proof of vaccination, you will not need to show proof of vaccination to access indoor spaces or certain types of outdoor gatherings.

Before travelling to a Parks Canada administered place, you should confirm whether proof of vaccination is required in the province or territory you are visiting.


Due to the nature of shared and common spaces at Parks Canada locations, you must complete any provincial or territorial requirements for self-isolation before visiting. It is not possible to complete self-isolation periods at Parks Canada locations. This includes both front country as well as wilderness and backcountry areas.

You may transit through a national park if you have not yet met your self-isolation requirements, but may not remain in the park.

Facilities and activities

Number of visitors

Some locations may limit the number of people allowed in indoor spaces and gatherings in outdoor spaces, as required.

Day use visitor facilities

Most day use visitor facilities will be open and welcoming visitors. Some may be limited or unavailable for health and safety reasons, or other reasons.


Most trails will be open. Some may be closed for health and safety reasons, or other reasons. Respect all signage and closures, and choose trails that match your level of experience and abilities.

National historic sites

Most national historic sites will be open. Some may have areas, rooms or buildings that are closed for health and safety reasons.

Tours, programs, and activities

Many tours, programs, and activities are being offered. Some activities may have limits on the number of participants, require you to pre-register, or other minor changes.

Campgrounds and roofed accommodations

Most campgrounds will be open. Most roofed accommodations such as oTENTiks or yurts will be open. Some campsites or accommodations may be closed, for various reasons.

Facility rentals and events

Availability of facilities and services will vary across the country, depending on local circumstances.

Where facility rentals and events are possible, hosts and guests will be expected to follow directions from public health authorities, as well as specific Parks Canada guidance. This may include limits on the size of gatherings.

Services offered by third parties

Some services in Parks Canada administered places are offered by third party operators. These operators are responsible for following directions from public health authorities to ensure public safety. If you are planning to use one of these services, you should check with the operator directly.

Camping reservations

Camping reservations for international visitors

You can make a camping reservation with Parks Canada no matter where you are travelling from. You should check travel restrictions or requirements before you reserve. If you are visiting from outside of Canada, you must follow the restrictions that apply to you.

Cancelling camping reservations

When planning your trip, be mindful of COVID-19 restrictions at the places you will be visiting.

  • If Parks Canada cancels your campground or accommodation reservation due to COVID-19, you will be reimbursed in full, and no cancellation fees will be charged.
  • If you cancel your campground or accommodation reservation because of new, unforeseen COVID-19 restrictions, you will be reimbursed in full. However, if you cancel because of COVID-19 restrictions that were in place when you reserved, cancellation fees will apply.


Admission fees

Your admission fees support the services, experiences, and facilities that you enjoy when you visit a place administered by Parks Canada. Parks Canada will continue to charge admission fees.

Daily admission and service fees

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