Western Canada: Live on the wild side

1. Kayak up-close to wildlife and Haida culture

Kayaking encourages more intimate experiences with the ocean and its creatures as well as the primordial wilderness and ancient culture of Gwaii Haanas’ network of islands.

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

2. Bison traffic jam

Smell the bison and listen to the soft grunts and lion-like roars of the rutting males, just metres away – all from the safety of your vehicle.

Elk Island National Park

3. Learn to be a real live cowboy

With 30,000 cattle and no fences, cowboys at the Bar U Ranch were kept busy. Learn what it took to maintain the largest ranch of the day by participating in many of the same activities.

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

4. Close to nature and take in the wildlife

Skies and shorelines bustle with birdlife while the waters of the Salish Sea teem with marine life from otters to orcas – a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

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