Camping and overnight accommodations

Kouchibouguac National Park

Camping has always been a very popular activity in Kouchibouguac National Park. Campers appreciate the privacy and the feeling of tranquility the Kouchibouguac campsites provide.

How to prepare for launch day

We’re moving our reservation system to a new platform! After the move, you’ll need to create a new profile, even if you’ve used our system before. A full tutorial will be shared here in the next few weeks.

Important dates
February 26
By this date, log in to your existing account and take note of sites you may have reserved in the past. After February 26, this data will no longer exist.
February 27 to March 2
The reservation system will not be available as we migrate to the new platform. While you wait, check specific launch dates for places where you want to reserve.
March 3 and onwards
Create your new account, and get acquainted with the new system in preparation for launch.
March 17
Reservations for Kouchibouguac National Park begin at 8 am (Atlantic time).


South Kouchibouguac

311 campsites with amenities including washrooms with showers, playgrounds and dumping station.


31 unserviced sites, located along a lagoon near Loggiecroft wharf and Osprey hiking trail.

Primitive camping

3 backcountry camping locations, with fire pits, picnic tables and pit toilets.

Roofed accommodations


A spacious blend of tent and rustic cabin equipped with beds and furniture on a raised floor.


A tear drop-shaped accommodation, with a convertible table/bed and suspended hammock loft.

Rustic shelters

Rustic shelters are available during winter. Includes sleeping platforms, wood stove and picnic tables.

A few rules

  • Don't move firewood! Importing firewood is prohibited
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times
  • It is illegal to feed wildlife in national parks
  • Keep your campsite clean, animals are attracted by human food and waste
  • Excessive noise will not be tolerated, day or night
  • Quiet time is from 11 pm to 7 am
  • Please refer to our Hours of operation page for a complete list of operating dates/hours

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