La Mauricie National Park

The park's vast forests and 150 lakes are fabulous playgrounds that are home to a rich diversity of plants and animals, including loons and white pines. A team of scientists is working to understand, protect and restore these ecosystems, which offer enjoyment in all seasons.

SNAP Québec event : Thanks to Nature

Organized on Thanksgiving Sunday, a series of activities will be offered to visitors to reconnect with and give thanks to nature.

Camping and overnight accommodations

Take advantage of the beautiful season to extend your stay and spend the night in nature’s grandeur.

Invasive alien species

What you can do to help protect the park from invasive alien species.

Maintaining and restoring ecological connectivity

The conservation team works in consultation with regional stakeholders to maintain and restore the pathways animals use to move on land or in water.

Safety and guidelines

Find out how to stay safe while taking part in various activities in the park, or about current weather warnings.

Visit La Mauricie National Park

Activities and experiences

Enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, photography and more.

Plan a visit

See information about hours of operation, fees, facilities, parking, and more.

Camping and overnight accommodations

Find winter accommodation, accommodation at the Wabenaki-Andrew Domain, semi-serviced campgrounds and more.

Tours and programs

Plan your next outing: Guided tour, learning experiences, discovery activities and more.


Make a reservation for campsites, accommodations and more.


Learn about the daily visitor fees, free admission for youth and more.

Safety and guidelines

Before your visit, check for important bulletins, trail conditions, weather and more.

About La Mauricie National Park

Nature and science

See the park's wildlife that our team of scientists protect, including bats and loons.

Culture and history

Read about the cultural landscape, the 50th anniversary of La Mauricie National Park and more.

Stewardship and management

Consult job offers, partners, filming permits, special event permits, business or occupancy permits, expropriation passes and plans.

Indigenous connections

Explore the history, culture and links with the Atikamekw community, archaeological discoveries and more.

Contact La Mauricie National Park

Parks Canada National information line

Hours of operation

Summer season 2023 
Every day from May 18 to October 29, 2023
Full schedule


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