Hyman and Sons General Store

Forillon National Park


This historic general store is full of treasures! It occupies the first floor of the authentic residence built by William Hyman in 1864. A 2.5" door threshold must be crossed.

Come in and discover, in this warm atmosphere of yesteryear, the typical operations of the “company stores” operated by the major fish merchants and their vast inventory: canned products, patent medicines, china dinner services, farming equipment, fishing tackle, clothing, etc. A screening room adjoining the store presents the short film “Time and tide remembered”, you must go up a step to access it.

Upstairs, the exhibit, Living with the Seasons, explores the way Forillon families secured their livelihood, in harmony with nature and the seasons. You must climb the stairs to access it. Illustrated booklets can be consulted on the first floor for those who cannot climb the stairs.

Learn more about its history

Parking for persons with disabilities.


Guide interpreters are on hand to offer assistance if needed. The main event takes place on the first floor.


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