Cape Gaspé - A lighthouse at Land’s End

Forillon National Park

Perched atop a 95-metre-high cliff, the Cape Gaspé lighthouse has guided navigators for more than 140 years. The first light on Cape Gaspé, built in 1873, was typical of the structures built along the St. Lawrence during the 19th century; it consisted in a square wooden building rising 30 feet high and was attached to the lightkeeper’s dwelling. Following a fire in 1892, it was replaced by a second lighthouse, which closely resembled the first.

From its position at the top of a cliff, the Cape Gaspé light was perfectly visible to vessels sailing either in the bay or in the Gulf. However, because the building was constantly exposed to strong winds and harsh weather, it tended to deteriorate quickly. Indeed, in 1946, the tower of the second light collapsed. Thus, in 1950, a third lighthouse was built – this time in concrete. This is the lighthouse that today’s visitors can admire.

Location: 4 kilometres by foot from Anse-aux-Amérindiens
The Cape Gaspé lighthouse site can be reached by foot or bicycle via the Les Graves trail.

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