COVID-19 and your visit to Prince Edward Island National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park

Openings and services differ across the country. Please check the Parks Canada national information portal dedicated to COVID-19 for regular updates.

Important information about your visit to PEI National Park

Given the COVID-19 situation, visitors are reminded that they are always responsible for their own safety. Parks Canada continues to ask visitors to practice good trail etiquette and respect two-meter physical distancing as well as enhanced hygiene requirements when they visit places administered by Parks Canada on PEI.

Visitors should be prepared to be self-sufficient when they visit and pack extra hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer and wipes, and bring their own water and food. Visitors should also pack out any refuse from locations where no waste receptacles are available.  

What’s open

For more information on what's open in the park, please visit: Hours of operation

What’s closed

While facilities in the park remain open, visitors are encouraged to follow health and safety guidelines by practicing physical distancing in the park and not entering areas where physical distancing is not possible. 

Please note: Day-use area showers remain closed at this time, but park washrooms are open. Mitigation measures and cleanup protocols for COVID-19 are in place. 

Camping during COVID-19

For more information: Camping.

Your safety when visiting

Anyone exploring the national park is reminded that they are responsible for their own safety and should be sure to properly prepare and plan for their trip, taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves from inclement weather and potential natural hazards found in the park.

Stay informed 

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