Cavendish Grove

Prince Edward Island National Park

Cavendish Grove opened as part of Prince Edward Island National Park in summer 2007 as a day-use area. It is named for a large stand of sugar maple trees, a rarity on Prince Edward Island and one of the most significant natural features of the site. Facilities at the site include a washroom that uses green technology and a peaceful setting for picnicking and enjoying nature.

Expanded Trail Network

The trail network within this section of the park connects this site with other facilities, including Cavendish Beach and Cavendish Campground. This park is exceptional with over 12 kilometers of trails for cycling and hiking, offering excellent views of beaches, sand dunes, freshwater ponds, and salt marshes.

Off-Season Access

Cavendish Grove in PEI National Park is not maintained between September 30 and Victoria Day each year. The washrooms and kitchen shelter are closed. While visitors are welcome to explore the park by foot, snowshoe or skis, trails are not maintained in the winter and only limited emergency services are provided by Parks Canada. In case of an emergency call 911. To report a non-emergency issue (e.g., facility damage, wildlife concern, law enforcement issue), call Parks Canada Dispatch at 1-877-852-3100.  Visitors are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety. 

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