Bird watching

Prince Edward Island National Park

Did you know that PEI National Park is an important bird area? Learn more about the birds that call PEI's north shore home, or the ones that just pay a quick visit on their way through. Join us at one of the park's guided birding events or create your own birding adventure on our beaches and trails.

Common Birds to Watch in PEI National Park 

Beginner birders are most likely to spot one of these top ten species recorded observed by team submissions from a recent birding event:
• Song Sparrow
• Yellow Warbler
• Belted Kingfisher
• Osprey
• Grackle
• Canada Goose
• Great Blue Heron
• Bonaparte's Gull
• White-Throated Sparrow
• Blue Jay
• Red-Winged Blackbird

Download this handy birding checklist and take it out with you on the trails!

Interested in detailed bird information relevant to Prince Edward Island National Park?

We have lots of data to help you create your own birding adventure. Parks Canada staff, volunteers and visitors have detected species at risk in the park and recorded their presence in national, multi-agency databases:

  • eBird, an international database maintained and used by non-profit and government agencies, and  Once at the eBird website, use common species to see checklists, or search for a rare sighting to see where or when it was sighted last.
  • American Birding Association - Prince Edward Island bird news with latest sightings

We want YOUR sightings! 

Parks Canada is looking forward to having local enthusiasts of all skill levels come out to the park to enjoy bird watching and help staff understand more about the birds that call the north shore of PEI home. You can share your findings at eBird, or by contacting us on Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail or by phone.


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