Privacy policy

Rouge National Urban Park

The Rouge National Urban Park app does not collect and/or store any information from the user at any point during standard usage. Standard usage includes: navigating the park map, browsing the guide, viewing the rouge tracking section, favorites section, recents section, safety section, information section, settings, or playing the memory game.

Using the ‘Tell Us’ feature, users are able to send messages to Parks Canada regarding their experience in the park and using the app. These messages can include the user’s phone model, OS version, and GPS location. To opt in to sending GPS location, users must tap the ‘Include current GPS location?’ checkbox on the ‘Tell Us’ page.

Any information sent in the message body of a ‘Tell Us’ message will be seen only by members of Parks Canada for the purpose of park safety, improvement of park experience, and improvement of user experience in regards to the Rouge National Urban Park app. Please do not include any personal information in the messages sent using the ‘Tell Us’ feature. 


在标准使用期间,红河国家城市公园(Rouge National Urban Park)应用程序不会在任何时候收集和/或存储用户的任何信息。标准使用包括:公园导航地图,浏览指南,查看红河跟踪部分,收藏夹部分,近期任务部分,安全部分,信息部分,设置或玩记忆游戏。

使用“告诉我们”功能,用户可以向加拿大公园局(Parks Canada)发送有关他们在公园的体验和使用本应用程序方面的讯息。这些讯息可包括用户的电话型号、操作系统版本和GPS位置。要选择发送GPS位置,用户必须点击“告诉我们”页面上的“包括当前GPS位置?”复选框。


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