Cultural experiences

Quttinirpaaq National Park

Take the time on your trip to meet Inuit in the communities; see carvers and print makers in action. Stay for a community event and take part in local games or follow in the footsteps of family who may have lived and worked here in decades past.

Ancient peoples have a long history on Ellesmere Island, starting with the arrival of the Palaeo-Eskimos about 4,500 years ago, followed by the Last Dorset cultures and the Thule people who arrived during the past thousand years. Archaeological sites give testimony to the resiliency of these people and their ability to survive in this extreme northern climate. We would like to remind you to respect Inuit subsistence hunting, fishing and trapping rights and refrain from interfering with these activities. Inuit may travel through the park by motorized vehicle for the purposes of harvesting in accordance with the Nunavut Agreement.

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