Main Station

Sable Island National Park Reserve

Main Station is the operational hub of the island. Facilities and services like restrooms and drinking water are available here.

Main Station is your point of arrival on Sable Island after landing either by airplane or vessel. Restrooms and drinking water are available to visitors.

Main Station is within walking distance of key features of Sable Island National Park Reserve.

Main Station houses the weather station of the Meteorological Service of Canada as well as key infrastructure for communications, power generation, maintenance, and emergency supplies.

Parks Canada and Environment Canada’s Meteorological Service of Canada collaborate to provide a continuous year-round human presence on Sable Island. Island personnel are based at Main Station. 

You might interact with researchers, weather station technicians, and staff while at Main Station, allowing you to learn about the island from the people who know it best. Please respect the operational requirements and duties of these staff.

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