How to make a Parks Canada camping reservation

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

The Parks Canada Reservation Service begins taking reservations for the new visitor season starting in mid-January. Learn more about when reservations begin for various parks, how the system works, and tips to prepare for making a reservation with the Parks Canada Reservation Service.

Parks Canada camping reservations open for the 2022 visitor season starting in mid-January. Each location has its own launch day, or day when camping reservations open. See all reservation launch dates.

On launch day, visitors can make reservations online or by telephone, starting at 8 am local park/site time (8:30 am for parks in Newfoundland). The entire season will open for reservations at that time.

For the best chance of reserving their preferred sites, online users should be on the reservation website and ready to go before reservations launch.

Two ways to reserve

How to prepare for reservation "launch day"

1. Mark your calendar

Be ready to make your reservation at the exact date and time that reservations open. See all reservation launch dates.

2. Create an account

To reserve online, you will need a Parks Canada Reservation Account. Create an account using GCKey or a third party sign-in option.

3. Sign in to your account ahead of time and practice using the system

Using a laptop or desktop computer, search for sites on a map, in a list, or on a calendar – try all three to see if there’s one that works best for you.

Sign-in verification will not work using Internet Explorer or older versions of Microsoft Edge. A modern browser must be used.

If using a phone or tablet, browsing options may be more limited. 

4. Choose several dates and sites

Have a back-up plan in case the site you want isn’t available on the dates you want. Some locations are very popular, and reservations fill up quickly.

Due to heightened demand, visitors are encouraged to be flexible.

Consider visiting during the week rather than weekends or visiting during shoulder seasons, or explore lesser-known, but equally spectacular, hidden gems.


Parks Canada camping 101

Check out our article Camping 101: What to know before staying the night.

It provides helpful advice on camping types, amenities, and services to choose from at Parks Canada administered places, as well as essentials for new campers, tips on how to book your campsite, and some rules to keep in mind when you visit.

How the Parks Canada Reservation System works on launch day

Parks Canada uses a queuing system to manage the number of users accessing the website on launch day.

While demand is expected to be extremely high, Parks Canada will work closely with its service provider to carefully monitor the reservation system. 

Queueing system

More details
Thirty minutes prior to reservations opening Users who are on the Parks Canada Reservation System website up to 30 minutes before reservations open will be directed to a “waiting page”. The “waiting page” will provide information about the queuing system. During this time, no order or queue has yet been established.
At exactly 8 am
(8:30 am for parks in Newfoundland)

Users who are on the “waiting page” will be randomly assigned a place in the queue. After a short delay, their place in the queue and an estimated wait time will be displayed on the screen. The order is determined randomly and is not based on how long users have been on the website up to that point.

Note: there is one single queue for the whole reservation system. Users in this queue are making reservations at parks across the country.

After 8 am
(8:30 am for parks in Newfoundland)
Users who arrive on the Parks Canada Reservation System website after 8 am are placed at the end of the queue.
Waiting for your turn

When users reach their turn, they will be alerted via an on-screen message.

At that point, they have 30 minutes to proceed to the reservation website.

In the event of prolonged inactivity at that stage, users are directed back to the queue in order to provide a better experience for those who are still waiting to gain access, and to help ensure that those attempting to gain access are real people, and not automated programs.

This process helps manage the number of users accessing the website and ensures a smooth and equitable experience for everyone.

If your first choice isn’t available

A few things to try:

  • Click on the site to open the site description. Click on “Site Calendar” to see a monthly calendar overview of when that particular site is available.
  • Click on “Availability Calendar” to see a calendar overview of when all sites in that campground are available. If you want to stay multiple nights, and different sites are available for different portions of your stay, consider a night-by-night reservation.
  • Navigate to other areas of the campground on the map.
  • Use the breadcrumb links (example: Parks Canada > Quebec and Atlantic Canada > Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada) to go back and choose another campground within that park.
  • Look at campgrounds in other parks by changing your park selection.
Camping and COVID-19

Requirements such as masks and proof of vaccination

Parks Canada is following the guidance and requirements of provincial, territorial, and municipal health authorities.

COVID-19 and your visit to Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site and Kejimkujik National Park Seaside.

Travel restrictions, cancellations, and refunds

If Parks Canada cancels a reservation due to COVID-19 closures at a national historic site, national park, or national marine conservation area, the reservation holder will be reimbursed in full.

If a visitor needs to cancel a reservation due to new COVID-19 travel restrictions and health measures that were unforeseen at the time the initial reservation was made, they will be reimbursed in full.

However, should an individual need to cancel their reservation for other reasons, including existing COVID-19 travel restrictions and health measures that were in place at the time the reservation was made, regular cancellation fees will apply. When planning their vacation, visitors should be mindful of COVID-19 measures that may be in place throughout the year.

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