Challenging - Class 2

Mountain safety

Waterfall Ice Climbing and Avalanches

Symbole d'avalanche

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Routes with brief exposure to starting zones or terrain traps, or long exposure time in the runout zones of infrequent avalanches.

Banff National Park

Professor Falls (without last pitch)
Rogan's Gully
Orion Falls
Bow Falls
Murchison Falls
Weeping Wall- Upper
Lacy Gibbot

Jasper National Park

Shades of Beauty
Curtain Call
Kerkeslin Falls
The Wings and the Stage

Kootenay National Park

Helmet Falls 
Red Commie Star

Yoho National Park

Betty's Pillar

Waterton Lakes National Park

Compound Gullies
Quick and Dirty
Expert's Choice
Lineham Cliff Waterfall
Sullivan Falls

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