Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

1) Why don’t you relocate predators (bears, wolves, cougars)?

2) Why must my dog be on a leash?

3) Is it mean to scare wildlife away?

4) Should I honk at bears on the side of the road?

5) What is the difference between habituation and food-conditioning?

6) Do bears hibernate on the West Coast of Vancouver Island?

7) Where can I go to take a picture of a wolf, bear, or cougar?

8) What do I do if I see a marine mammal on the beach?

9) If a wolf, cougar, or bear isn’t acting aggressively, is it safe to get close to it?

10) Is it OK to watch wildlife from the safety of a car or boat?

11) If I report wildlife observations, will someone come and kill the animal?

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