Avalanche terrain map

Waterton Lakes National Park

Avalanche terrain ratings for trails in Waterton Lakes National Park

A map of avalanche terrain ratings for trails in Waterton Lakes National Park

Avalanche terrain ratings - Text version

Trail ratings

  • Not considered avalanche terrain
    • Bellevue
    • Kootenai Brown
    • Wishbone to Vimy junction
    • Marquis Hole Road
  • Simple Class 1
    • Horseshoe Basin
    • Crandell Loop
    • Red Rock Parkway to Crandell
    • Crandell Lake
    • Akamina Parkway to Rowe
    • Akamina Pass
    • Akamina Lake
    • Snowshoe
    • Lost Lake
    • Avion Ridge from Lone Lake
  • Challenging Class 2
    • Horseshoe Basin
    • Vimy Peak
    • Wishbone
    • Lakeshore
    • Bertha Lake
    • Crandell Loop
    • Summit Lake
    • Cameron Lakeshore
    • Akamina Parkway from Rowe
    • Red Rock Parkway from Crandell
    • Blakiston Valley
    • Tamarack trail to South Kootenay Pass
    • Twin Lakes
    • Snowshoe
  • Complex Class 3
    • Crypt Lake
    • Bertha Lake Loop
    • Carthew-Alderson
    • Lineham Falls
    • Rowe Lakes
    • Tamarack Trail to Lone Lake
    • Goat Lake
    • Avion Ridge

Know before you go

Will your group be travelling in avalanche terrain?
  • Does your group have the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain?
  • Are you carrying transceivers, shovels and probes?
  • Can you self-rescue? Do you have a plan?
  • Do you know the emergency number?
  • Have you checked the current avalanche bulletin and weather forecast?
  • Have you checked out with someone?
  • Do you have any other route options?

Phone numbers

  • Emergency number with cell phone: 911 (state that you are in Waterton Lakes National Park)
  • Backcountry emergency number with satellite phone: 1 403 762 4506

Remember, cell phones are not always reliable in the backcountry.

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