Waterton Lakes National Park

WARNING: Bear in area - Cameron Lake Day Use Area

Issued: July 02, 2022

Ends: July 24, 2022

Special caution is recommended while travelling or camping in this area due to the following:

WHAT: Caution – Bear in the area.

WHERE: Akamina Parkway (Little Prairie to Cameron Lake) and Cameron Lake Day Use Area

WHY: A bear has obtained human food. The bear has not been aggressive, but has approached people and attempted to obtain food.

- Do not leave food or garbage unattended.
- Do not approach the bear.
- Keep your vehicle windows fully closed.
- Keep food and smelly items secure in your vehicle.
- Use bear proof garbage can.
- If you see a bear, don’t run. Tells others nearby. Stay together. Take food to vehicle. Move to the safety of your vehicle.
- Carry bear spray and know how to use it.

Call 1-888-927-3367 or notify Parks Canada staff.

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