Meet Stephanie Potter

Jasper National Park

What's your position title?

Geomatics Technician

When did you first come to Jasper?

I first came to Jasper as a raft guide in 2013, and have worked in a variety of positions with Jasper National Park since 2015.

What was your education/career path?

I first graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism, and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and the Environment, with a Certificate in Geomatics and GIS.

In 2018, I returned to school to complete a Master of Environmental Studies. With a keen interest in protected areas management, my thesis examines shipwreck and Arctic marine tourism management challenges and “best” practices to develop context-specific management recommendations for the Wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror National Historic Site in Nunavut.

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have also worked in a number of diverse positions with Parks Canada, including three summers in Jasper’s information centres and backcountry trail office, a winter as a Geomatics Technician and following summer a Public Relations and Communications Officer for Jasper National Park, and then a Geomatics Student for the Lake Louise, Yoho, and Kootenay field unit. Each of these roles have supported my education/learning and helped me tremendously to discover what work I really love!

What do you do for Parks Canada?

As a geomatics technician, I collect and manage spatial and non-spatial data, and work with colleagues from all departments in the Jasper Field Unit to develop paper and digital maps that support their planning and operational needs.

As examples, I have built an interactive Avalanche Atlas to support our Visitor Safety team’s operational needs, a permitting database for a Townsites and Realty team, and am currently working with our Resource Conservation department to develop maps that support their fire management planning.

What would you tell a 10-year-old girl about science?

Discover and follow your passion! When I was doing my undergrad, I never expected to work full-time in the GIS world, but I love it. It’s a job that truly has me excited to come to work every morning.

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