Jasper National Park

Public notice: Random camping not permitted in 6-Pass area

Issued: July 12, 2022

Effective date

July 12, 2022

On April 6, 2022, Parks Canada issued notification that a full closure of the 6-Pass area in Jasper National Park would be required to reduce human disturbance in this sensitive area.

Upon further review, it has been determined that this park management objective could be met by restricting overnight random camping in the area, while allowing day use activities.

What’s restricted:

By order of the Jasper Field Unit Superintendent, the 6-Pass route continues to be closed to all overnight random camping. It is open to random day use activity (i.e. scrambling or climbing).


Overnight random camping creates a high potential for human impact on grizzly bears and other wildlife, as well as an increased risk of human-wildlife conflict. Camping is permitted on the adjacent Maligne Pass route in backcountry campgrounds only.

Parks Canada’s highest priority is the protection of ecological integrity, including habitat security for grizzly bears in the Maligne and 6-Pass areas.

Your role in protecting grizzly bears in the 6-Pass area is important and appreciated.


Please call or email: 780-852-6176 or jasperinfo@pc.gc.ca.

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