Cross-country skiing

Elk Island National Park

Cross-country skiing is a great way to experience Elk Island National Park. Most of the park trails are multi use and may be used by other visitors for other activities such as hiking or snowshoeing. Multi use trails are not track set or groomed for skiing. A short track set trail will be set at the Elk Island National Park Golf Course this winter, when conditions allow.

Nordic ski trail

Ski through the Elk Island National Park golf course this winter.

Trail conditions

Find current trail conditions at Elk Island National Park.

Safety and guidelines

Important bulletins, weather, wildlife safety, and site regulations.

Other track set trails can be found at nearby Strathcona Wilderness Centre (780-922-3939) and Cooking Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area (780-922-4676).

Share the trail

Elk Island National Parks trails are multi use and shared by both snowshoers and skiers alike. Snowshoers should avoid walking on ski tracks and skiers leave space for snowshoers by skiing to one side of the trail.

Spotting wildlife in Elk Island National Park can be easier during the winter months. Visit the wildlife viewing page to find out how.

Use caution when hiking, skiing or snowshoeing on lakes or ponds. Areas of thin ice exist on water bodies throughout the park.

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