Being prepared for an emergency

Banff National Park

Keep others safe

Report any wildfires, illegal campfires or suspicious smoke to Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch: 403-762-4506.

When visiting a national park, it is important to be well prepared. This can help reduce the impact of emergency situations such as wildfires. Below you will find information on how to prepare for fire season, resources for emergency situations and ways to stay informed.

How to prepare for fire season

Fire season typically occurs between April and October in the mountain national parks, but is important to be prepared all year long. Here are some actions you can take to keep safe and be prepared:

  • Know before you go. Visit our websites and stop at a Visitor Centre for the most up to date fire information. Being aware of the current fire danger status  and fire ban information  as well as fire operations and area closures can help keep you safe.
  • Keep your gas tank full when travelling. This leaves you ready for adventure. It also leaves you prepared in case of an emergency.
  • Keep a well stocked emergency kit with you, including food and water. Having this ready to go saves time in the event that you have to evacuate.
  • If a wildfire is near, follow all directions from authorities and be prepared to evacuate.

Resources for emergency situations

Stay informed. Use official information sources

Stay in touch to get updates on fire information and other topics, in case of an emergency.

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