Banff National Park

For 10,000 years people have been using the valleys, passes and high alpine areas of Banff National Park. Explore the rich culture and history of Canada's first national park.


Learn about the various archeological sites throughout the park and how tools and technology have changed over the years.

Banff Park Museum National Historic Site

Explore the oldest natural history museum in western Canada. Located in the heart of downtown Banff.

Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits, short films, seasonal activities, and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Howse Pass National Historic Site

Howse Pass National Historic Site commemorates an important trade route through the Rocky Mountains used by Indigenous peoples and early fur traders.

Skoki Ski Lodge National Historic Site

Skoki Ski Lodge National Historic Site commemorates the early days of ski tourism in Canada. It remains a popular overnight retreat for skiers and hikers.

Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site

Learn about the cosmic ray station built on Sulphur Mountain in 1957, where Canadian scientists made important contributions to research.

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