Nature and science videos from Parks Canada

Parks Canada scientists protect, conserve, and restore lands and waters. This work helps us adapt to climate change and reduce biodiversity loss. Watch our videos to learn more about this inspiring work and how you can help!

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An illustration of many bird species over a map of Canada.

Deep dive into conservation

Learn how Parks Canada protects nature with these in-depth 5-minute videos! They're filled with shots from the field, interviews with experts, and data visualizations. They help explain the issues that are impacting nature and ways you can help.

Staff holds a bag of herbs with a helicopter and snow capped mountains in the background.

Field Notes vlogs

Go behind the scenes with Parks Canada scientists as they take you out into the field through these 5-minute video blogs (vlogs)! Learn what it takes to research and care for iconic wildlife and protected places. Whether you're into bison on the plains, whales in the ocean, or birds in the sky, there’s a Field Notes vlog for you.

A collage of six Parks Canada staff working in the field.

Parks Canada’s Climate Crew

It can feel like the climate is changing faster than we can react... but Parks Canada's Climate Crew is on it! Parks Canada and partners are conducting important research in protected areas that help our understanding of climate change impacts. Learn how a healthy environment is an important natural solution to climate change. This uplifting series of 5-minute videos will inspire hope and actions you can take to help.

A herd of bison is released from the crate as they gallop off.

Data visualizations

Parks Canada collects a lot of data in our research to protect plants, animals and ecosystems. Discover how we use data to turn results into actions that help us protect nature. Watch these 1-minute animations to learn more.

A closeup of a brown butterfly on a yellow flower.

Parks Insider

This series gives you a snapshot of some incredible nature and science work at Parks Canada. Learn about our conservation work as you journey through beautiful places across the country. Follow the links at the end of each video to learn more about each project!

A close up of a hand releasing a fish into the water.

More videos on science and conservation

Check out these nature and science videos filmed by conservation staff. Hear stories from Parks Canada experts on their work to conserve and restore nature. See artful shots from incredible protected places.

  • Saving threatened trout (Mountain national parks)
  • Monitoring environmental DNA (eDNA) (Riding Mountain National Park)

  • A close up of a hand releasing a fish into the water.

    Meet our conservation staff

    Parks Canada scientists and conservation staff protect and restore nature. Meet some of the dedicated people who have helped protect and restore protected areas across Canada.

    Bill Hunt

    Bill Hunt
    Resource Conservation Manager
    Banff National Park

    Nadia Ménard

    Nadia Ménard
    Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, Quebec

    Paul Zorn

    Paul Zorn
    Monitoring Ecologist
    National Office, Gatineau, Quebec

    Elizabeth A. Nelson

    Elizabeth A. Nelson
    Climate change advisor
    Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist, Vancouver

    Jennifer Yakimishyn
    Resource Management Officer
    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia

    Diane Blanchard
    Marine Areas Establishment Advisor
    Protected Areas Establishment Branch, Gatineau, Quebec

    Emily Gonzales
    Ecosystem Scientist
    Active Management and Ecological Restoration, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Carmen Wong
    Ecologist Team Leader
    Kluane National Park, Yukon

    Darroch Whitaker
    Ecosystem Scientist
    Western Newfoundland and Labrador Field Unit

    Todd K. Shury
    Wildlife Health Specialist
    Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Yuri Zharikov
    Monitoring Ecologist (Ecosystem Team Lead)
    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia

    Rebecca (Becki) Dunham
    Senior Archaeologist
    Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

    Marlow Pellatt
    Ecosystem Scientist
    Natural Resource Conservation Branch, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Chantal Ouimet
    Wapusk National Park and Manitoba North National Historic Sites

    Gary Baikie
    Park Manager
    Torngat Mountains National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

    Candace Deschamps
    Resource Conservation Officer
    Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario

    Daniel Sigouin
    Park Ecologist
    Forillon National Park, Quebec

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