Annual update of the 2018 Management Plan—2022 Season

Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site

Panorama of the bataille la Châteauguay site.
Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site

Parks Canada manages one of the finest and most extensive networks of protected natural and historic sites in the world. The Agency’s mandate is to commemorate, protect and present these places for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.

The Bataille-de-la-Châteauguay National Historic Site Management Plan, which came into effect in 2018, defines the long-term vision and guides the site's management. This Implementation Report presents Canadians with the actions and accomplishments Parks Canada has put in place in 2022 to achieve the vision, strategies and objectives of the 2018 Management Plan.


Objective: Implement a varied selection of activities tailored to the needs of the site’s target audiences (school groups, military personnel, tourism professionals).

In 2022, the site hosted Canada Day again, with 80 people in attendance. An army quartet and the mayor passing out the cake were the highlights of the day. The Ville de Très-Saint-Sacrement's involvement in Canada Day made the event a success.

Archaeology Month was highlighted by the presence of historical re-enactors who presented an encampment and recreated the daily life of militiamen from the War of 1812. The "Battlefield Rally" also highlighted the archaeological landscape. In 2022, the site also welcomed two groups of military personnel to learn about the strategy used in the Battle of the Châteauguay.

The updated hall display is complete. It includes a map of the operations and highlights the fighters and Lieutenant Colonel Charles-Michel de Salaberry. An interactive station allowed visitors to navigate through different sections dealing with the fighters' places of origin, occupations and career paths as well as genealogical research. Recent research has assisted in updating the information on Indigenous fighters and adding more than 100 names to the genealogy section.

Objective: Increase the site’s success by working in concert with partners.

The site is a member of Tourisme Montérégie through its annual membership and webinar attendance. The required operational information is updated on the location sheet on their website. An advertising campaign shared on Facebook with Tourisme Montérégie promoted visiting the site. The site is also featured on Tourisme Montérégie's Vélo map. It is represented at the media exchange, advertised in the region's tourist guide and featured in Camping-Caravaning magazine.

The website had 6,430 visitors and 13,945 page views. Social media coverage of the nine bilingual publications totalled 9,425 copies.


Objective: Implement a new management approach for the interpretation centre in concert with local and regional stakeholders and partners.

A new approach to managing and commemorating the battle is currently under consideration. Discussions will be held with local and regional partners and stakeholders to determine the best way to move forward and promote the site.


The Parks Canada Agency is proud of its 2022 achievements at the Bataille-de-la-Châteauguay National Historic Site. Efforts to enrich the service offer, active collaboration with partners and integration of the site into the region all contribute to promoting the heritage of Bataille-de-la-Châteauguay and Parks Canada's mandate.

In the coming year, the site will continue to implement the objectives identified in the 2018 Management Plan. These initiatives will support site promotion, attract more visitors and reaffirm the commitment of Parks Canada to preserving and showcasing this important part of the country’s history for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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