Chambly Canal National Historic Site

Magnet-fishing is a growing practice. Although presented as a means of voluntary stream clean-up, this activity is strictly forbidden in Parks Canada's historic canals, as it contravenes the Historic Canals Regulations (section 11.2).

Stirring up the bottom of the canals can not only disturb aquatic habitats, but can also release contaminated sediments in certain sites with an important industrial past. Magnet fishers also expose themselves to the handling of dangerous objects such as weapons or other sharp objects, as well as potentially contaminated elements. 

Historic canals are made up of various structures whose integrity can also be affected by the practice of this activity. In addition to bridges and footbridges, the canals include weirs and siphons, water and electrical conduits, and potential archaeological remains that could be damaged or destroyed by the practice of magnetic fishing.

Failure to comply with this regulation constitutes an offence and may result in fines.

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