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Chambly Canal National Historic Site

Explore the canal from one end to the other Explore the Canal from one end to the other

Since its opening in 1843, the Chambly Canal has successfully resisted modernization. In fact, even today, human force is required to operate its locks and 2 of its bridges.

Watch lockage manoeuvres near flight Locks No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 near the Chambly Basin. The gates will open to enable vessels to be raised or lowered over 24 metres!

Whether you ride a bike, walk, or snowshoe, enjoy the 20-kilometre route along the old towpath and appreciate the canal’s charm while witnessing over a century of history.

Take a break in the lock and bridge keepers’ cubicles; they will be happy to share bits and pieces of this unique site’s history with you.

Discover our observation islets Discover our observation islets

Observation islets

Discover our observation islets set up along the multi-purpose path and witness the natural heritage and culture of this exceptional national historic site.

Xplorers program

The Xplorers Program is dedicated to children visiting with their families. It offers entertaining activities suited for their age, and allows them to discover the natural and historic treasures of Canada.

When they arrive to the locks Nos. 1-2-3 or No. 9 information booth, children will receive an Xplorers activity workbook to help guide their visit. Once they have completed a set number of experiences, they will receive a certificate and a souvenir as tokens of their success. The program is free of charge.

This national program is offered in more than 60 parks, sites and marine conservation areas in the Parks Canada network. Activities will vary from place to place according to the unique qualities of each location.

Valley of Forts

The Chambly Canal is located in the Vallée des Forts, in the Montérégie region of Quebec. The area is renowned for its wealth of history and culture!

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