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Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site

A prize in the struggle between France and Britain for control of North America and home to Mi'kmaq for over 10,000 years, this harbour saw the arrival of 300 French colonists and in 1720, Port-la-Joye was established.

A Grand Alliance was forged between the Mi'kmaq and French - one of only two locations in North America where this was celebrated annually with speeches, gifting and feasting.

The Deportation of 1755 saw 2,000 Acadians seek refuge here. Ceded to Britain in 1758, Isle Saint-Jean saw the Deportation of over 3,000 French and Acadians and the British built Fort Amherst. This Deportation caused the death of over 2,000 bound for France, as ships were poorly-provisioned and lost.

Enjoy “one of the most beautiful harbours that the eye can behold” while exploring trails, interpretive panels, monuments, Fort Amherst’s earthworks and stunning vistas.

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