Pingo Canadian Landmark

Superintendent's Notice - Restricted Activities

Issued: April 12, 2022

Pingo Canadian Landmark National Historic Site

Pursuant to section 12 (1) of the National Historic Parks General Regulations, the following activities are designated as restricted in the Pingo Canadian Landmark National Historic Site. A permit is required prior to engaging in any of these activities and all permit holders must adhere to the terms and conditions identified on their permit:

Military exercises

    All personnel and equipment operating on behalf of any Canadian or foreign armed forces for the purposes of training, or entry and travel by any means.

Fuel caching

    Storage of petroleum based fuel in any location for future use.

Non-Inuvialuit Business Activities

    Activities conducted by non-Inuvialuit businesses (e.g., cruise ship visitation).

Filming or photography for commercial purposes

    Filming and photography activities conducted where the photographer
    1) Is working to fulfill a commercial contract (including stock agencies);
    2) Is salaried for the purpose;
    3) Requires special permission or assistance from Parks Canada to access areas or resources (including Parks Canada staff).

All natural science, social science and archaeological research and collection

    Research and Collection Permit Applications shall be submitted online through the following website: http://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/RPS/page1_e.asp.

For information on obtaining a permit for any of the above activities please contact the Parks Canada office in Inuvik (867-777-8800). Please note that some permit applications are subject to external impact assessment processes and it may take up to four months to issue a permit

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