York Factory National Historic Site

By working in collaboration with respected organisations that share our values, Parks Canada is able to better deliver its promise to Canadians by continuing to be a world leader in the protection and presentation of Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. We believe in sharing leadership and working with our partners to offer unique, inspiring opportunities for Canadians to discover our treasured places and to achieve extraordinary results.

We are proud to be formally collaborating with the following partners:

The Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum is the Province's award-winning heritage and science centre, unique in its combination of human and natural history themes, immersive dioramas, multi-dimensional interpretation, science and astronomy education, and scope and quality of school and community programs. The Museum is also the Province's central repository of heritage materials and supplier of heritage services. It has collected and protects over 2.9 million artefacts, including the Hudson's Bay Company Museum Collection of 26,100+ artefacts and over 222,000 natural history specimens. Museum curators annually conduct research studies throughout Manitoba, advancing local, national, and international knowledge in both the natural and human history fields.

Parks Canada and The Manitoba Museum are working together to connect people to York Factory National Historic Site through increasing York Factory National Historic Site content in the Museum’s galleries and exploring opportunities to engage key audiences. Both Parks Canada and the Museum have an interest in generating knowledge and understanding of York Factory’s cultural associations and history, as revealed by archaeology, historical research and First Nations knowledge and oral history.

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