Children's day

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Hi ho, it's off to the fort we go!

Calling all kids! The Hudson’s Bay Company is hiring junior labourers to help keep the Stone Fort running smoothly. Sign up for a day of ‘humble service’ to win a special prize once all the chores are complete.

Head out to the garden with the interpretive team of workers dressed in authentic bonnets and britches and pick heirloom vegetables for supper. Shoulder a wooden ‘rifle’ and take part in a North West Mounted Police drill, crunching across the neat gravel paths... two, three, four! Down by the woods the Ojibway First Nations are making camp, join them to learn the secrets of building a tipi. And finally, climb the creaky wooden stairs of the Furloft to pack a fur bale and train to become a tripmen.

Please note adults must accompany children.

Contact us for details.

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