Girl Guides Heritage Badge program

Fort Langley National Historic Site

Girl Guides Heritage Badge
Have fun at the Fort earning your Heritage Badge!

Hey Girl Guides! Want to earn your entire Heritage Badge and have an awesome outing at the same time? Try our new, hands-on program featuring leader & Girl Guide booklets, a leaders’ kit of activity props and games designed just for Girl Guide badge requirements.

This self guided program should last about two hours, but you are welcome to enjoy your time here for as long as you want. Afterwards you could extend your outing to include the scenic Fort-to-Fort Trail and other area attractions.

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Capacity: Up to 60 students.

Adult chaperone: 1 adult per 6 primary students, 1 per 10 intermediate students or 1 adult per 15 secondary students. Admission for required chaperones is complimentary. Additional adults $6.60.

Guiding objectives addressed in the program:

  • Canada has changed in the past 25 years. How do you think it will change in the next 25 years? Share your prediction in a creative way.
  • Visit a historic site to learn more about your heritage.
  • Read an Inuit, First Nations, or early Canadian Story. Or, find out about a story, legend, monument or landmark in your community. Share your findings with others.
  • Learn more about one of these topics concerning Canada’s past, then share your findings: art, handicrafts, music, dance, sports, literature, theatre or architecture.
  • Visit a national historic site, and explain why it was created and how it is used today.
  • Discover a Canadian who has contributed to Canadian culture in the past or present. Create a story, song or poem about the Canadian, or play charades or twenty questions using the names of famous Canadians.

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