Although the more important directions outlined in this management plan are designed to ensure the long term commemorative integrity of the site, various measures have also been discussed that are aimed at providing visitors with appropriate services during their time at the site, protecting and presenting environmental components of the Papineau estate and promoting a harmonious integration of the site into the La Petite-Nation region.

To date, considerable funds have been invested to complete the first phase of presentation of the historic site. Implementation of all the interventions mentioned in the plan will require significant funding efforts that are not feasible in the short term. It will probably take another several years before the site will have the funds needed to finish presentation work. As it looks into the problem of how it will finance the initiatives proposed, Parks Canada will seek financial support from its partners and other groups who share the same values.

In the coming years, the Western Québec Field Unit, which is responsible for administering the site, will make every effort possible, using its own budget or through partnership agreements, to implement a certain number of priority measures, namely:

  • Carry out work designed to preserve the main outbuildings on the estate;
  • Take the necessary steps to preserve the vestiges of the icehouse;
  • Subject to an agreement with the parties involved, build a parking area for site visitors and proper reception facilities and signage;
  • Complete planning studies by drawing up a plan for developing the landscape of the historic site;
  • Begin developing the proposed outdoor interpretation circuit;
  • Come to an agreement with the Anglican Diocese of Montréal to allow Parks Canada develop the old family museum according to the presentation concept adopted;
  • Come to an agreement with Fairmont Le Château Montebello whereby the boundaries of the property covered by the lease could be extended to include the entrance gate to Manor House Road and the gardener's cottage.

At the present time, implementation of other projects must be considered in the longer term, if funding becomes available. It is possible, however, that certain co-funded projects could begin earlier should partnership opportunities present themselves.

In accordance with provisions of the Parks Canada Agency Act, this management plan will be updated in 2010. All directions and measures that have not been carried out by that time will be re-visited in the review of the plan. In the meantime, interested members of the general public can consult the State of Protected Heritage Areas Report, published biannually, for information on the state of the site with regard to measures taken to ensure its commemorative integrity.

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