4.7 Mitigation Measures

In order to mitigate the likely negative impacts of presenting the site, the following measures will need to be implemented:

  • During presentation work, efforts will have to be made to protect the vegetation present in and around the work area.
  • The plan for protecting and presenting landscapes will have to take into account the changing nature of plant communities and will seek to preserve their characteristics should it be necessary to make clearings to recreate cultural landscapes.
  • To prevent the danger of visitors or employees coming into contact with poison ivy, periodic surveys of the grounds will have to be conducted and warning signs posted. Employees involved in research or landscaping work will be provided with protective clothing and equipment. If necessary, selective eradication of the poison ivy may be considered.
  • A program of preventative excavation and/or archaeological monitoring will have to be implemented throughout all excavation and landscaping work associated with the construction, repair or presentation of buildings and other structures, or the installation of services. If need be, steps will have to be taken (salvage excavations or soil stabilization) to prevent the deterioration of vestiges uncovered for permanent exhibition purposes.

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