4.8 Conclusion

The results of this environmental impact assessment lead us to conclude that based on the information currently available, the presentation concept adopted for the site is acceptable from the environmental and heritage standpoint. Overall, the plan's strategic directions are consistent with Parks Canada's mandate and management policies. The assessment has, however, raised certain concerns regarding the protection of cultural and natural resources. Potential conflicts between preservation of commemorative integrity and protection of natural heritage have been noted. Solutions or at least partial solutions will be addressed when various management documents are drawn up, such as the plan for the preservation and development of cultural landscapes and the natural resource management plan.

This general environmental impact assessment indicates that directions relative to presentation of this historic site do not conflict with objectives aimed at preserving commemorative integrity and protecting natural heritage. The potential negative impacts raising the most concern will be mitigatable through the implementation of known technical measures or other means that have proven to be effective in the past. In accordance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) or Department of the Environment and Parks Canada directives and policies, more detailed environmental assessments will have to be conducted at a later stage in the planning process when the projects will be more clearly defined.

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