1.0 Navigation

1.0 Navigation

The canals covered by this policy are distinguished from other canal sites administered by Parks Canada because they are operated for purposes of through navigation as well as for their heritage values.

1.1 Providing for Navigation

Navigation forms an important part of the heritage character and heritage experience that these canals provide. However, structures, operating devices and procedures will not be modified to increase the capacity of historic canals.

The following considerations will guide the provision of navigation: availability of adequate water levels, maintenance of public safety, preservation of heritage character, physical condition of the works, time of year, demand, and available human and financial resources.

Where navigation is maintained, Parks Canada objectives will be to maintain adequate canal water depths, structures and navigation aids in order to provide for navigation.

Water levels and flows required for navigation on the canals will be monitored and managed to minimize flooding and adverse resource impacts.

Canals that become non-navigable are no longer subject to the provisions of this policy, but will continue to be managed in accordance with other Parks Canada policies.

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